Who’s Buried in FHC?

Historical Tour

Most would call the 1840’s simpler times. But for Milwaukee’s early settlers, the times called for vitally important and lasting decisions.

Soon after the city was founded in 1846, civic leaders began searching for a place where area residents could count on eternal peace. They found 72 gently rolling and forested acres that, although “far” from town, were accessible by the new Janesville Plank Road. The land was acquired, and the cemetery was named Forest Home.

In 1850, the first burial took place. A few years later, as more cherished memories were entrusted to this special place, the road that led from the growing city was renamed Forest Home Avenue.

Today, Forest Home embraces 200 acres of dignified beauty. Its historical significance has earned Forest Home the designation as an official Milwaukee Landmark and a listing in the National Registry of Historic Places.

Most of all, Forest Home Cemetery continues as planned; to always be the place where memories stand the test of time.

As you look through the many names of people buried here, you will notice many of the names of Milwaukee's streets and parks as well as mayors, governors, industrialists, woman leaders, beer barons, and so many more!  We have 26 Milwaukee Mayors, 5 Wisconsin Governors, A Company of Generals, an Academy of Educators, and enough Brewers, Bankers and Industrialists to permanently convene a Chamber of Commerce!  

Below you'll find: The original marker for Orville Cadwell which was replaced at the 150th Anniversary Celebration of FHC with this granite monument,  Fred Usinger founder of Usinger's Sausage, Ezekial Gillespie who was an early African American Leader and Dr. Laura Ross Wolcott, first woman physician in the State of Wisconsin. Go into the Halls of History where there are 102 posters telling about many of our first residents!

Orville Cadwell MonumentFred Usinger - Founder of Usinger's Sausage
Ezekial Gillespie - African American LeaderDr. Laura Ross Wolcott - Wisconsin's First Woman Physician