There are many options for inurnment of cremated remains at Forest Home Cemetery & Arboretum. They span from in-ground burial to placement in an indoor or outdoor niche. For more information, contact us and we will set up a time to guide you and your family through the process.

Photo of raised upright headstone with the family name

Ground Burial of Cremations in All Sections

Yes, cremains can be placed in graves. Two cremains per full grave space are allowed, each in a vault. One cremation can be placed in a grave with a full body burial.

Photo of a boulder with the inscription

Prairie Rest Green Burial

Cremations are welcome in Prairie Rest, our green burial area. They require a bio-degradable urn— available through our offices or other suitable provider.

Photo of indoor glass-front niches

Halls of History Indoor Niches

Indoor glass front niches with either Bronze Urn included or the new “Personalized Niches” permitting your Urn choice and appropriate mementos. Personal items may be changed two times a year at no additional cost.

Victorian Columbarium Garden

A beautiful garden setting to reflect and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Cost includes two urns and lettering on niche front.

alcove niches Granite and Marble Front Niches

Granite & Marble Front Niches

Located in the Chapel Gardens Columbarium; many include two urns. Personal memorialization available to finalize the placement.

Herrold memorial granite bench

Granite Memorial Benches

Memorial benches may be placed at various locations within the cemetery. Cremains (2 sets) are placed within the bench itself. Personal memorialization may be carved on the bench which adds history and beauty.

St. John’s Urn Garden

Located in the Chapel Gardens, includes the burial space for two, a vault, a bronze memorial on granite base and a bronze flower vase.

Sunset Garden at Forest Home Cemetery

Sunset Garden

A scattering garden located in one of Forest Home’s most desirable locations; memorialization is the name, birth and death years of your loved one on a bronze plaque at the site. (Included in cost.)

Community Columbarium

A crypt in the Grotto where multiple community cremations are placed; memorialization name plate on crypt front is included in the cost.