Full bodies and cremated remains are entombed in mausoleums and columbariums. Forest Home Cemetery & Arboretum has several in a variety of settings, sizes and price points. A popular option is Chapel Gardens, described as “one of the most beautiful outdoor mausoleums anywhere” due to its classic architecture, gardens and lush landscaping. We’re also home to the Halls of History, a recently renovated mausoleum which offers a serene setting and gathering place for all those who are placed there. Contact us or stop in to view the myriad of options available at Forest Home Cemetery & Arboretum.

Above-ground burials

Entombment maintenance

All purchases of space include perpetual maintenance of basics like care of the crypt or niche. For an additional fee, we can arrange ongoing flower arrangements.
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The Halls of History at Forest Home Cemetery

Halls of History

The Halls of History houses full body burials as well as niches for cremains. It features indoor glass front niches with either a bronze urn included or a “personalized niche” with your urn choice and appropriate mementos. Personal items may be changed two times a year at no additional cost.

Victorian Columbarium Garden

These columbariums are designed to provide a beautiful garden setting to reflect and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Cost includes two urns and lettering on the niche front.

Granite memorial benches

Benches may be placed in various areas on the property. Cremains (2 to 4 sets) are placed within the bench itself. Personal memorialization may be carved on the bench which adds history and beauty.

st john's urn garden statue and flowers

St. John’s Urn Garden

Located in the Chapel Gardens, this option includes the burial space for two, a vault, a bronze memorial on granite base and a bronze flower vase.

Sunset Garden at Forest Home Cemetery

Sunset Garden

This scattering garden is in the form of a wooden wishing well. Memorialization, which is included in the cost, is the name, birth and death years of your loved one on a bronze plaque at the site.

man holding urn

Community Columbarium

This is a crypt in the Grotto where multiple community cremations are placed. A memorialization name plate on the crypt front is included in the cost.

alcove niches Granite and Marble Front Niches


The Alcoves are elegant mausoleums and columbarium with timeless style and beauty, and long-standing durability. All above ground options include a granite front with bronze memorialization.