Forest Home Cemetery & Arboretum performs hundreds of burials per year and has interment space available over the next 100 years. Modeled after the garden style cemeteries of the Victorian era, Forest Home Cemetery & Arboretum is filled with dramatic natural landscapes, curved roadways, artful plantings, and opulent monuments. It was designed as a rural retreat for urban dwellers to reconnect with the beauty and healing qualities of nature.

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Our History

How it all started

We share the stories of those who are laid to rest here, but we also have our own story worth remembering. We’ve been open to all from the beginning in 1850, which makes it a story about all of us.

It’s much more than just a cemetery

The beauty spans from the stories of historical figures to the architecture to the arboretum, and it’s all waiting to be explored and experienced.
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Some of Milwaukee’s (and the world’s) biggest names are buried here, and the impact of their lives can still be felt today. Take a tour and learn about those that came before us.


We’re a certified arboretum, complete with nearly 200 acres of old growth beauty. It’s the perfect setting for a long walk, a picnic with the family, or to attend one of our many events.


Laying a loved one to rest here isn’t just about honoring their death, it’s about celebrating their life. We’re an actively operating cemetery that can help meet your needs with dignity, care and professionalism.