Prairie Rest is the green burial section of Forest Home Cemetery & Arboretum. It is a place where wildflowers, trees and prairie grasses grow. Because green burials follow natural practices and use biodegradable materials, those who choose final resting here will enrich the vibrant growth of the habitat.

How a green burial works

In Prairie Rest, we use burial techniques and equipment — such as biodegradable caskets, and urns — that minimize the impact on surrounding land and protect native plant diversity. Not only is this a great option for the planet, but it is also affordable.

Memorialization on the monument boulders found on the north side of the prairie is included. Family and companion locations are available and encouraged. Prairie Rest property and burial fees can be pre-purchased.

We proudly meet the standards of certification by the Green Burial Council.

Photo of a wooden bench beside the Prairie Rest section of Forest Home Cemetery

Memorialization on the prairie

In Prairie Rest, memorialization of those passed away is provided on granite boulders strategically placed on the outside edge of the prairie. An inscription artist will record the name of the departed along with birth and death years. Family can locate their loved one with specific GPS coordinates and a smart phone.
Photo of a granite boulder memorial inside Prairie Rest at Forest Home Cemetery