Monument Preservation Projects

To Honor and Remember

The Forest Home Historic Preservation Asscociation is dedicated to preserving and restoring historically signifcant monuments. After 170 years, many of the oldest monuments of Milwaukee's notable citizens are unreadable, crumbling or missing. Each year we focus on a few monument preservation projects to properly restore these ancient gravestones and preserve the memory of these important residents. Through your gift to the Annual Fund, these Milwaukeeans will continue to be remembered by future generations. Click on our donations page to contribute

Completed in 2020

Forest Home Cemetery - WheelerThe worn limestone headstone of Capt. Timothy Maynard was replaced with a black granite monument.  Capt. Timothy Maynard died in the Civil War while in the act of giving a drink of water to a wounded rebel soldier.



Monument Projects for 2021

Clark Monument In 1861, a black man named George Marshall Clark was lynched by a mob for walking down the street with a white woman. Tyrone Randle (pictured below) became interested in the story of Milwaukee’s only lynching. Tyrone's research led him to Forest Home Cemetery, where he discovered that Clark is buried here in an unmarked grave. It is possible that this grave was left unmarked because of the prohibitive cost of a marker or possibly because family members did not want the young man's final resting place to be disturbed or vandalized. Donations to the preservation fund will help dedicate a headstone and preserve the memory of Clark. Visit this link for more history

Aadya Wyntyer and Tyrone Randle at the site of George Marshall Clark's unmarked grave

Forest Home Cemetery - Adopt-A-Soldier

Hyde Monument

Pictured here is the grave of two brothers, William and Augustus Hyde who died during the Civil War. As you can see, it is worn and very difficult to read. 

Forest Home Cemetery - Adopt-A-Soldier





 Wechselberg Monument

 This is the broken monument for William and   Rudolph Wechselberg who served in the Civil  War. William was fortunate enough to have his body returned for burial. His  brother was killed in action and is memorialized, but not buried here.

Walker Monument

George H. Walker was one of Milwaukee's Founding Fathers and twice served as Mayor. He settled on the south side in what is now called the Walker's Point neighborhood. Walker's marker has been worn by time and is beginning to be unreadable.                   


Cutler Monument

General Lysander Cutler served in the Civil War. He was first appointed Colonel of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry. He was beloved by his officers and men. He was wounded twice in battle, once severely in 1864 and was then relieved of active service in the field. Here is Gen.Cutler's worn obelisk in need of replacing.