Green Burial

Forest Home Cemetery - Green Burial

Green Burial.... a natural choice at PRAIRIE REST

PRAIRIE REST, natural and simple. Wildflowers, trees and prairie grasses have been re-introduced to the area and all who choose final resting here will enrich the vibrant growth of the habitat. Prairie Rest is a commitment to land that it remain natural as possible, as we allow nature to take its course with minimal intrusions.

Species (Wildflower): Lavender Hyssop, Nodding Pink Onion, Butterflyweed for Clay, Sky Blue Aster, Smooth Aster, New Jersey Tea, Canada Milk Vetch, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, White Prairie Clover, Purple Prairie Clover, Shootingstar, Pale Purple Coneflower and many more. Grasses-Sideoats, Little Bluestem, Prairie Dropseed.

Rights to Burial in Prairie Rest

Rights are established to be affordable and as with all purchases, a portion is placed in the Perpetual Care trust of Forest Home Cemetery established in 1850. Single grave spaces are extremely affordable and include memorialization on the monument boulders found on the north side of the Prairie. Standard interment fees apply, but there is no cost for an outer burial container! Family and companion locations are available and encouraged. Prairie Rest property and burial fees can be pre-purchased.

In Prairie Rest, use of biodegradable caskets or burial shrouds with rigid container will be welcomed. In keeping with the guidelines of the Green Burial Council, embalming fluids and burial vaults are excluded. Burial techniques make every effort to minimize impact on surrounding land and protect native plant diversity. Cremations are welcome and require a bio-degradable urn for “cremains” available through our offices or other suitable provider.


Memorialization of loved ones that have passed away is provided on granite boulders strategically placed on the prairie in area proximity. An inscription artist will record the name of the departed along with birth and death years. Family can locate their loved one with specific GPS coordinates and a smart phone.

       Forest Home Cemetery is proud to be a Green Burial Council certified cemetery