Support Our Mission

Exciting things are happening at Forest Home. We remain, first and foremost, a professional resource for families and individuals who need us immediately, or who are planning for the future. This is, and will always be, our most important mission. Very few organizations have endured over 170 years of continuous service, while holding true to its original mission. Forest Home’s is to provide “dignified burial for the citizens of Milwaukee.”

Forest Home Cemetery also has an important secondary mission: We are here to continue to be a dynamic resource for the living.

Through the establishment of the Forest Home Historic Preservation Association (FHHPA), a 501c3 non-profit organization, we are able to focus on the historic, educational, and community-building activities that help us remain vital and dynamic for all who visit.

FHHPA is also the development arm of the cemetery, and we actively seek financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations to help us carry out our mission. We are so thankful for that support!

We offer a variety of programs, and there is truly something for everyone! Our popular historical and educational tours, focusing on subjects such as Milwaukee Beer Barons, Milwaukee Abolitionists, and Streets and Parks of Milwaukee, host increasing numbers of visitors and groups to the cemetery every year.

We also participate in the very popular Doors Open Milwaukee weekends, giving folks a behind the scenes look into some of the historic structures at the cemetery.

Our longstanding relationships with our local scouting troops are very important to us, and we appreciate the volunteer work scouts provide, for example, coming to place flags for Memorial Day while at the same time learning about some of the interesting people who are buried here and earning badges.

Civil War tours each year remind us of that difficult time in our country’s history, helping us get a visual idea of what the soldiers faced.

Further, in 2018 we worked with our neighbors in the Hispanic community to hold the first Dios de los Muertos festival in the cemetery. We welcomed over 500 visitors and enjoyed the food, music, color, camaraderie and religious focus that comprise this event.

Meanwhile, we continue to honor our beautiful garden setting all year long. We offer a peaceful sanctuary of over 200 acres open to the public, and we have plans to update and enhance our formal gardens.

Forest Home is one of the last stand alone, non-profit cemeteries in Southeast Wisconsin. Is there something here of particular interest to you?  Helping to replant trees when they fall?  Enhancing our gardens?  Supporting a repair to the historic chapel?  Something else? If so, please consider a financial gift to FHHPA. In so doing you partner with us in supporting our mission to our families and our community.

A gift to Forest Home ensures that we can meet the needs of our structures and grounds, to protect them in perpetuity. Thank you in advance for your support!

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