PRAIRIE REST..........for Natural Burial

Prairie Rest, natural and simple.  Wildflowers, trees and prairie grasses have been re-introduced to the area and all who choose final resting here will enrich the vibrant growth of the habitat.  Prairie Rest is a commitment to land that it remain as natural as possible, as we allow nature to take its course with minimal intrusions.  A "Natural Burial Ground" or "Green Burial Ground", begins with a commitment to a natural proces by allowing nature to participate fully and at the earliest possible time.

The use of biodegradable caskets or burial shrouds with rigid container will be welcomed.  In keeping with the guidelines, embalming fluids and burial vaults are excluded.  Cremations are welcome and require a biodegradeable urn for "cremains".

Memorialization of loved ones that have passed away is provided on granite boulders strategically placed on the prairie in area proximity.

For more information on Prairie Rest, please call 414-645-2632 and ask for Kevin or via e-mail at