Forest Home Cemetery News

Sep 18, 2020
Art, History and Nature: Milwaukee's Forest Home Cemetery is a space for the living too

Looking for things to do outdoors during the pandemic? Visit one of Milwaukee's first parks, Forest Home Cemetery. Follow this link to check out a conversion with our Assistant Executive Director,...

Jul 16, 2020
NEW book! Milwaukee's Forest Home Cemetery

The Forest Home Historic Preservation Association is pleased to announce a new book on Forest Home Cemetery's 170 year history with sections devoted to Cemetery Art and Symbolism, Milwaukee Beer...

Mar 16, 2020
Forest Home Cemetery, Inc. Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Forest Home Cemetery, Inc. would like to assure family members and the community that our staff is taking precautionary measures to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy. Due to the Safer-At-Home...

Jan 6, 2020
Stories in Stone - Discover the Hidden Symbols in Forest Home's Funerary Monuments

Check out our Forest Home historian, Paul Haubrich's interview on WUWM's Lake Effect program at the link below.

Jan 6, 2020
The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Did you know that we offer interest free options on our property and headstones? Throughout our lives, we plan for many things.........a wedding, a new home, children's college tuition, vacations and...