Forest Home Cemetery News

Oct 30, 2021
Order flowers for your loved ones by December 1st

At Forest Home, you can take advantage of a special way to honor special memories, forever, with our Multi-Year Floral Placement Program. Now you can order and pay for flowers to be placed for up to...

Oct 20, 2021
Give the Gift of Silent City Honey!

Our Forest Home Cemetery & Arboretum apiary has produced delicious honey made from our tree pollen. It's got a light, nutty flavor and comes raw and unfiltered. Great with tea on a cold fall day...

Sep 27, 2021
A NEW Tour Guide & Map!

Use our new guide to take a self-guided tour. Choose your tour by interest - Beer Barons, Industrialists, Inventors, Pioneers, Mayors, Notable Women, Black Leaders and Abolitionists, Entertainers,...