Spacious Grounds

Forest Home Cemetery Fall Graves

Established in 1850, by the leaders of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, members of the Forest Home Committee traveled to Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Massachusetts and fell in love with their right reverence for death and a proper perspective on living.  Upon their return, they hired Increase Lapham to survey and turn this raw woodland into a place of beauty and reflection. He began his work at Forest Home in the spring of 1850 and by the end of May, he had created a map of winding lanes that respected the contours of the land, incorporating its highs as well as its lows.  Today, you can stand, look out, and imagine the Indians running through what is now the cemetery.  This layout is unique to most cemeteries in southeastern WI where the majority of the space is flat.

What started with a $3,213.00 purchase of 72 acres of land has expanded into nearly 200 acres today.

Today our professional staff constantly tends the grounds and buildings with legendary dedication to detail and Forest Home is a lasting example of carefully maintained respect and care.

You’re invited to discover the difference that is Forest Home with a visit during the ground's open hours, seven days a week.