Planning for Future Need

Two things are for sure in life... Death and Taxes!  

Taxes are done every year, but death is not something people want to talk about. You should! Did you know that you can purchase property, a monument, and your burial expenses before anything happens to you or a loved one?

Pre-Planning allows for you to purchase these services at today's prices so no matter how much the costs go up over the years, yours stays the same and there are no additional fees at the time of death. It is also a lot easier to go through the various options of burial (in ground, above ground, cremation, green burial) and make sure that your final resting place is what you wanted.

Contrary to popular belief, planning for a burial is not morbid or sad. It's surprising the amount of laughter and teasing that goes on while these decisions are being made and in the end it will give you tremendous peace of mind.

Call (414) 645-2632 today and set up an appointment to learn more about the various options available and let us educate you on what is involved with each one.